British nuclear bombs tests in Australia

Summary – British nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Flawed ‘clean-up’ of Maralinga

Call to clean up the Emu Field atomic test site (David Noonan, 2023)

Fallout from nuclear tests at Maralinga worse than previously thought (ABC, 2021)

Atomic fallout and the corruption of science

Human guinea-pigs in the British nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Body snatchers (illegal collection and testing of human tissues)

ARPANSA report on the body snatchers scandal, “Strontium-90 Testing Program 1957 – 1978 Use of Human Bone Tissue

Maralinga − 60 years on (Jessie Boylan 2012 article)

Royal Commission 1983-84:

— Conclusions and recommendations (PDF)

Volume 1 of the Royal Commission Report (PDF) (alternatively use this link)

Volume 2 of the Royal Commission Report (PDF) (alternatively use this link)

Collection of articles by The Advertiser journalist Colin James (PDF) (for web-links to the same collection of articles from The Advertiser – click here.)

Jessie Boylan multimedia

Australian Nuclear Map – information, photos, videos

Paul Langley’s detailed research on the nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, Irati Wanti (‘The poison, stop it’)

Book: Roger Cross, “Fallout: Hedley Marston and the British Bomb Tests in Australia”, Wakefield Press, 2001.

Australian Nuclear Veterans Association web archives – click here or here.

BBC ‘Fallout at Maralinga

“Nuclear weapons proliferation in South Australia 1945-1965”

National Archives of Australia information

Brian Martin, Nuclear Knights – book about some of those most responsible for the bomb tests – online here or here.

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