British nuclear bombs tests in Australia

Summary – British nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Flawed ‘clean-up’ of Maralinga

Fallout from nuclear tests at Maralinga worse than previously thought (ABC, 2021)

Atomic fallout and the corruption of science

Human guinea-pigs in the British nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Body snatchers (illegal collection and testing of human tissues)

ARPANSA report on the body snatchers scandal, “Strontium-90 Testing Program 1957 – 1978 Use of Human Bone Tissue

Maralinga − 60 years on (Jessie Boylan 2012 article)

Royal Commission 1983-84:

— Conclusions and recommendations (PDF)

Volume 1 of the Royal Commission Report (PDF) (alternatively use this link)

Volume 2 of the Royal Commission Report (PDF) (alternatively use this link)

Collection of articles by The Advertiser journalist Colin James (PDF) (for web-links to the same collection of articles from The Advertiser – click here.)

Jessie Boylan multimedia

Australian Nuclear Map – information, photos, videos

Paul Langley’s detailed research on the nuclear bomb tests in Australia

Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta, Irati Wanti (‘The poison, stop it’)

Book: Roger Cross, “Fallout: Hedley Marston and the British Bomb Tests in Australia”, Wakefield Press, 2001.

Australian Nuclear Veterans Association web archives – click here or here.

BBC ‘Fallout at Maralinga

“Nuclear weapons proliferation in South Australia 1945-1965”

National Archives of Australia information

Brian Martin, Nuclear Knights – book about some of those most responsible for the bomb tests – online here or here.

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