Nuclear weapons

The myth of the peaceful atom (links between peaceful and military nuclear technologies and programs)

What would happen if a nuclear bomb exploded in your area? Find out at this interactive website. For example an air burst in Melbourne would kill an estimated 134,000 people, injure 430,000, and the CBD and surrounding suburbs would be destroyed by fires and shock waves.

British nuclear weapons tests in Australia

The push for nuclear weapons in Australia 1950s-1970s

Nuclear weapons and ‘Generation 4’ reactors

Thorium and WMD proliferation risks

Nuclear winter (catastrophic climate change caused by nuclear warfare)

Military and terrorist attacks on nuclear plants

Australia’s hypocritical support for nuclear weapons and its efforts to block disarmament and non-proliferation

Hypocrisy – Australia’s support for nuclear weapons (articles by Tim Wright and Richard Lennane)

Undermining nuclear disarmament diplomacy (2013 article)

Undermining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

Undermining the South Pacific Nuclear Weapons Free Zone

Gareth Evans’ nuclear disarmament report masks a hidden agenda

The one, conclusive reason why Australia won’t go nuclear (Developing a proper nuclear capacity would require overcoming enormous obstacles in four discrete fields; all requiring comprehensive effort, and all incredibly complicated. … None of this is impossible – but it’s certainly not simple. So let’s look at what the cost. This is where the extent of the fantasy becomes apparent.)

David Noonan’s 2022 submission to Australia’s federal defence review

For more information visit the website of the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons