Friends of the Earth Australia’s Nuclear-Free Campaign

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Friends of the Earth Australia has been campaigning against the nuclear industry – and promoting safer solutions – for over 40 years.

If you’d like to get involved, contact your local  anti-nuclear campaign group or contact FoE’s national nuclear campaigner Jim Green 0417 318 368

If you can donate to support FoE’s Anti-Nuclear campaign, please click here.


  • The ‘advanced’ nuclear power sector is fuelling climate change, and WMDs (article in RenewEconomy)
  • Small modular reactors and the nuclear culture wars (article in RenewEconomy)
  • Please make a submission to the federal inquiry into ‘the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia’, deadline 16 Sept 2019, you can just sign-and-send this proforma or add / amend text as you please. Thanks!
  • August 2019 – Friends of the Earth Australia statement: Nuclear Power – No Solution to Climate Change
  • July 2019 – FoE briefing paper on nuclear power’s economic crisis (new reactors in north America and western Europe cost A$17-24 billion!) and the implications for Australia
  • Feb. 2019 proposed Olympic Dam expansion – briefing paper by David Noonan
  • 2019 – updated links to lots of Australian and international literature on clean energy options
  • July 2018: Aboriginal First Nations and Australia’s pro-nuclear ‘environmentalists’. Self-styled pro-nuclear environmentalists share the same retrograde attitudes towards Aboriginal people as government and industry.
  • June 2018 – New report – Perth-based Paladin Energy’s uranium mines in Africa
  • Proposed national nuclear waste dump in SA – Friends of the Earth submission to Senate Inquiry.
  • Nuclear lobbyist Ben Heard promoting floating nuclear power plants that will be used to exploit fossil fuel reserves in the Arctic.
  • A journey to the heart of the antinuclear resistance in Australia: 2018 Radioactive Exposure Tour of South Australia (written by Ray Acheson from Reaching Critical Will)
  • Feb 2018 – Standing Strong 2015-17: How South Australians won the campaign against an international high-level nuclear waste dump. Fabulous new e-book produced by Friends of the Earth and other groups.
  • Feb 2018 – Mirarr Traditional Owners in the NT are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the mass movement that defeated the Jabiluka uranium mine. The first initiative to mark the anniversary is a ‘Standing Strong’ calendar – to order the calendar and to see an online (PDF) version click here.
  • August 2017: The new version of the Australian Nuclear Map is available – click here to see the map and click here to visit the website. To order A2 posters email us.
  • April 2017 – FoE submission to NT inquiry: Radiation Risks and Fracking
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    A Friends of the Earth multimedia project — info, photos, video and audio about Australia’s nuclear and uranium sites