In-situ leach uranium mining

In-situ leach uranium mining in Australia – Beverley, Beverley-Four Mile, Honeymoon etc.

Controversies involving Heathgate and General Atomics and its CEO Neal Blue

In-Situ Leach (ISL) Uranium Mining Method Far From ‘Benign’

Jillian Marsh, J. K. (2011) “A Critical Analysis of Decision-making Protocols used in Approving a Commercial Mining License for the Beverley Uranium Mine in Adnyamathanha Country: Toward Effective Indigenous Participation in Caring for Cultural Resources.” PhD Environmental Studies Thesis, Department of Geographical and Environmental Studies, The University of Adelaide.

Beverley Four Mile – Friends of the Earth (Australia) submission. 2009

Beverley Four Mile – Friends of the Earth (Adelaide) submission – information regarding ISL mining (PDF)

2002-03 Senate Inquiry – chapter regarding Beverley and Honeymoon ISL mining

Uranium Miners Turning Water Into Liquid Waste