Water consumption and pollution – uranium and nuclear power

Feature: Water & The Nuclear Fuel Cycle

WISE/NIRS Nuclear Monitor #770, 24 October 2013


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Articles (online):

Older Information

Impacts of Nuclear Power and Uranium Mining on Water Resources – short summary

Impacts of Nuclear Power and Uranium Mining on Water Resources – longer paper

Uranium Miners Turning Water Into Liquid Waste (article published in The Advertiser, July 25 2009)

Dr Ian Rose (Roam Consulting), 2006, Nuclear Power Station (PDF)

Guy Woods, Department of Parliamentary Services, 2006, ‘Water requirements of nuclear power stations’ (PDF)

Union of Concerned Scientists – 2007 briefing paper on nuclear power & water consumption (PDF)

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World Economic Forum, ‘Energy Vision Update 2009, Thirsty Energy: Water and Energy in the 21st Century’. (PDF)

US Nuclear Information & Resource Service, ‘Licensed to Kill: How the Nuclear Power Industry Destroys Endangered Marine Wildlife and Ocean Habitat to Save Money’

US NRC whistleblowers warn of nuclear accidents caused by dam failures and effort to suppress disclosure

Dawn Stover, ‘Treading Water’, 22 August 2012, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists