ANSTO’s Lucas Heights nuclear research reactor

A Non-Reactor Future for Lucas Heights

Jean McSorley’s 1998 analysis of the foreign policy or ‘national interest’ agenda behind the new reactor at Lucas Heights. See also this article by Jean McSorley, an article by Jim Green, and a 1998 ABC radio documentary which discussed the ‘national interest’ agenda.

Lucas Heights and nuclear weapons

A new reactor for ‘world class’ scientific research?

Articles about Lucas Heights (Senate inquiries, Sutherland Shire Council call for a Royal Commission, etc.)

Articles about Lucas Heights – accidents, emergency planning, insurance etc

Friends of the Earth 2005 submission to ARPANSA re OPAL reactor operating licence application

ANSTO / ARPANSA whistleblower saga – 2007–ongoing


Medical radioisotope supply options for Australia

Reactor and Non-reactor Production of Molybdenum-99/Technetium-99m

Linking nuclear medicine to waste dump proposals: debunking ANSTO/government lies