Olympic Dam mine – proposed expansion

All papers on this webpage written by independent environment campaigner David Noonan.

  1. Supplementary Submission No.73.1 to Joint Standing Committee on Northern Australia: A case study on BHP Olympic Dam mine override of SA Aboriginal Heritage legislation and BHP’s threat to the Mound Springs of the Great Artesian Basin. October 2020. See also the first submission (August 2020).

  2. Submission to federal parliamentary inquiry – Case study on BHP’s Olympic Dam mine in SA under the ‘fast track’ EPBC Act mine expansion Assessment and Approvals (Aug 2020)

  3. Submission to EPBC Review regarding Olympic Dam (April 2020)
  4. Briefing paper: BHP Olympic Dam operates under outdated 1991 era Radiation Exposure Standards
  5. Comments on Olympic Dam EIS Guidelines – May 2020
  6. Joint NGO recommendations to federal govt on BHP Olympic Dam mine expansion – Dec 2019
  7. Joint NGO submission regarding proposed Olympic Dam mine expansion – Dec 2019
  8. Evaporation ponds at BHP’s Olympic Dam mine are killing hundreds of birds (2019 Advertiser article)
  9. Transcript of interview with David Noonan about the Olympic Dam mine, June 2020

Short briefing papers regarding the proposed expansion of the Olympic Dam mine.

Written in mid-2019 unless otherwise indicated.

  1. BHP Extreme consequence tailings dams with potential to cause fatality of 100 employees – Briefing Paper – May 2020
  2. BHP Legal Privileges in the Olympic Dam Indenture Act 1982 Override SA Laws
  3. BHP Seek a Toxic Tailings Expansion Without a Full Safety Risk Assessment
  4. Preconditions to Protect Mound Springs in Olympic Dam Expansion EIS Guidelines
  5. BHP Uranium Mining Triggers “Protection Of The Environment” Under the EPBC Act
  6. BHP Must Lodge a Bond to Cover 100% of Rehabilitation Liabilities at Olympic Dam
  7. Migratory Birds at Risk of Mortality if BHP Continues Use of Evaporation Ponds
  8. The Need to Assess a Feasible Alternative: No-Uranium Sales from Olympic Dam